3.2 Citations

Between 1996-2010, citation indices grew over time for all Institution Categories following the growth trend of Greek publications and their indicators.

"Research Centres supervised by GSRT" and "Private Health Institutions" had the highest percentage (%) of cited publications among all Institution Categories (Figure 3.2.1). This figure varied from 56.9% for "Technological Educational Institutes" to 74.2% for "Research Centres supervised by GSRT," with the average number of publications for Greece and OECD being 65.5% and 66.5% respectively.


Figure 3.2.1



Figure 3.2.2 tracks the number of citations and its growth/evolution between 1996-2010. During 1996-2010, the number of citations in the Institution Categories grew, with the exception of "Public and Private Health Institutions", which followed a downward trend during 2006-2010.

Apart from the highest representation in the number of publications, "Universities" had also the highest share in the number of citations. More specifically, during 2006-2010, Universities’ publications received 178,824 citations, accounting for 80.6% of the total number of citations of Greek publications. The number and share of citations for the rest Institution Categories was: 40,414 and 18.2 % for "GSRT Research Centers", 26,819 and 12.1% for "Public Health Institutions", 10,048 and 4.5% for "Private Health Institutions", 6,326 and 2.9% for "Other Public Institutions", 5,814 and 2.6% for "Technological Educational Institutes", 2,827 and 1.3% for "Other Private Institutions "and 1,568 and 0.7% for "Other Public Institutions" (Figures 3.2.2 and 3.2.3).


Figure 3.2.2



Figure 3.2.3